What’s been happening?

What’s been happening?

We held our second in-house workshop on 19-20 August.  We all had a great time and the enthusiasm of the participants has inspired us all!

Rob files a patent for his latest battery design.


First in-house workshop was a great success! Find out about future workshops from patti@fwgltd.co.uk.

Launch of the Working Inks website and webshop at http://workingink.co.uk. You can buy our inks and kits  – and materials for your own experiments! Find out what to do with them at the WorkingInk youtube channel.

Launch of the Ecofoam webshop at http://ecofoamsoap.co.uk/. You can buy our amazing foaming soap as wipes, powder or tablets.

Staff CPD          

New Working Ink Youtube channel (To see it, click HERE.)

Delivery of the Twizy

The C6 Power Blade protoype completed. (To see the advert, click HERE.)