Graphene-enhanced Concrete

Graphene-enhanced concrete…...

Adding graphene to concrete is nothing new, there are years of research papers on the subject, so why aren’t we seeing graphene-strengthened concrete everywhere? The reason is that the problem isn’t adding graphene into concrete. There are in fact two problems…the first is mixing it properly and the second is making it cheap enough to make thousands of tonnes of it. 

What is unique about what FWG is doing is that we are tackling these two problems. Our process tackles the real problems involved in adding graphene to concrete. Our process allows us to homogenously disperse the graphene throughout the concrete without agglomeration at a cost that is significantly lower than any other process.  In fact, our process adds around £1.64 per tonne to the finished concrete for a minimum 45% improvement in strength.

The process of adding graphene into concrete using our method also requires no additional improvement to the skill-base of the mixer. What we mean here is the ‘man on the site’ needs to make no changes to his practice and graphene-strengthened concrete is made at the point of use in the same way as any other concrete. 

Early stage testing has been completed by Southern Testing Ltd, an ISO accredited, independent laboratory.  These are still early phase, compressive tests, but the strength improvements from 45-156% are certainly very exciting. We are currently engaged in optimisation of the mix and further tension and flexure testing. For further information, contact