Why Biopolymers?

FWG share the global concerns related to non-renewable, petrochemical-based plastics, because of the harm they do to our environment. We have therefore concentrated our efforts on developing a range of plastics made from renewable resources and materials classified as waste products – designed to be biodegradable.  Our plastics can be formed, blown and moulded like any petrochemical plastics, which means that they can be turned into an enormous variety of finished products.

Our guiding principles when designing our plastics was, from the outset, that:

  • They should not draw on petrochemical resources.
  • They should not interrupt the food chain.
  • They should be lightweight, but very strong.
  • They should not rely on any specialist equipment for production.
  • The raw materials should be available throughout the world.
  • They should reduce production energy costs.
  • They should reduce waste costs, in terms of money and to the environment.
  • They should reduce emissions and pollution.
  • They should be lower cost or on par with petrochemical plastics.

The FWG range of bio-plastics extends the range and performance of ‘green’ polymers while keeping the price low.

Our biopolymers are made from a variety of natural materials; including structural polysaccharides, cellulose with nitrogen-containing side branches, the exoskeleton of crustaceans (crab and shrimp shells etc.) as well as extracted polysaccharides from seaweeds. We also produce protein-based polymers for impact and heat resistant applications. Some of the polysaccharides have anti-microbial properties for use in medical applications.

Our plastics can be used in all applications currently formed by petrochemical-based plastics. Our polysaccharide polymers are liquid at room temperature and can be poured into moulds or made into films without the need for any extra heat energy input. This not only cuts the price for production but also cuts down on carbon emissions into the environment. The plastics can then be air-dried until fully cured. The manufacturing costs we estimate as being around half the price of petrochemical plastics, if we can source the raw materials in large quantities.

We are looking to work with a joint venture partner to fully develop the polymers and to bring them to market, though the processes we use to create the varied forms of biopolymers remain the IP of Forward Working Generation Ltd.  Email us for more information, using the contacts page.