Our Projects

Always something new……

Some of our current projects are outlined on these pages, though the videos on our youtube channel are always up to date and a much better guide to everything that’s going on – and you can access that using the link HERE.

If you want to contact any one of us, just ‘phone (+44) 01227 781829 or email. 

We are also always happy to welcome people into the lab, so why not arrange a visit?

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If you are wondering why we haven’t mentioned Working Inks, it’s because it has its own website and its own Youtube channel. You can access the Youtube channel by clicking HERE.

 To discuss joint ventures, licensing or purchase of IP, please contact Gary at gary@fwgltd.co.uk.

To discuss wholesale or bulk purchases of Ecofoam products, please contact Sam at sam@fwgltd.co.uk.

To discuss educational outreach, please contact Emily at emily@fwgltd.co.uk or Patti at patti@fwgltd.co.uk.