Welcome! We hope that you get to know us and our projects a bit through our website.  We support our team members in ideas development, research and commercialisation.

If you want to contact any one of us, just ‘phone (+44) 01227 781829 or email using the CONTACT US form.  You could also check out our youtube channel using the link HERE. Our Indiegogo campaign has finished – thank you to those who supported us – but you may want to check out the shop on our ‘Working Ink’ website (www.workingink.co.uk) where you can buy our inks, kits and materials for your own research – or book to attend our next in-house workshop to be held 19-20 August in our Canterbury lab.           


You can find out about our in-house workshops by emailing Patti at patti@fwgltd.co.uk.